Time to turn page

Astrology for september 4 - 10 th 

The month of september has begun - planet Mercury in a  backward journey (retrograde) through the zodiac since 13/8 turns  direct tomorrow 5/9 and so do we 💫 Now it's the time to tie loose threads and perhaps end a stage of an ongoing project , a trip or a business process and  step into new routines or schedule for the fall.

What activities are waiting to begin?

Give yourself some time to reflect at your own compass through everyday life - this is a great time for a shift in perspective, to embark on a new personal journey or to restart something that has been waiting.  All is now - time to turn page and move into the activities and business of beautiful september. 

All the best!

© Jeanette Wik

Health- wellness -astrology 

                                                                       Beautiful september © Jeanette Wik


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