New moon in scorpio

Dear readers!

The new mooncycle initiated in Scorpio 11/11-11/12 motivates us to go deeper into issues that are still seeking an answer - shared responsibilities, honesty towards our self and our ideals, dreams and  heartessentials are the leading keys through out the period. We are encouraged to feel the things which is needed to be felt in response to everyday living and choices we have made. The scorpio energy is intense and very often challenging us to move outside our own comfortzone in order to grow and let go of old habits, attitudes that belongs to yesterday.

This is a perfect time for introspection and at the same a time to act and move past old patterns towards the transforming potential in the now. The screenplay of our future is written today - were do we want to go from here, what do we want to create for ourselves and for generations to come ( in a longterm perspective) and with whom do we want to interact?

We are motivated to be present, loving and honest towards ourselves and our neighbour in the process of discerning what to respond to -  to take responsibility for. So, let yourself rest within reason and let the wiser part of yourself resident in your heartregion to take the lead. The core of your heart always know the best road for creation, light and love in every given situation. All is now and all is one - Neptune through Pisces 2011-2026 © Ett rum för Astrologi.

I wish you a beautiful lunarcycle
All the best / Jeanette Wik



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