New moon in Leo - Heart essentials

Dear readers!

The new moon in Leo takes us to the heart of matter - we are inspired to travel deeper within ourselves for the answers we seek in different areas of everyday life. It´s a time for harvest in many ways -  and at the same time a moment to reflect on the future. Old issues can rise to the surface for new discussions and solutions - in a purpose of supporting all involved parties in a process of creative change. 

With Venus and Mars on a contemporary journey in Leo during this lunarcycle we are motivated to let heart take the lead infront of important decisions and every day choices. How do we continue our growth from here? What do we long to do and express? 

This lunar cycle august 14 th - september 13 th can help us to find out - or at least help us to sort out the objectives that belongs to yesterday. When we choose to focus on the magical and creative moment of now, we are giving ourself room to map out a new direction, if that´s what we are longing for - or to continue a creative process of adding key essentials to ongoing projects and cooperation. Everything is possible with a backup from innovative Uranus through Aries during this period. 

Let yourself rest within reason, stay open for perhaps unexpected ( Uranus involvment) creative ideas for change and development presented from within and infront of you - finally listen to your heart. Your heart always know the best road for growth in every given situation. 

Have a beautiful lunarcycle! 

All the best / 
©Jeanette Wik


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